Are you looking for an organization where you can learn, innovate and nurture your talent and touch greater heights?

Elima Company, Qatar ensures a homely atmosphere to work and provides the best comfort level in terms of working environment, facilities, latest technology, and flexible policies and procedures. Apron provides an environment that helps you to involve, innovate, and above all work with lots of enjoyment. If you wish to join our team of young dreamers who plan and execute their dreams to reality, forward your resume to

👉 Socially responsible

Ealima strives to be the employer of choice in the workplace, with a firm belief in work-life balance as one of the key ingredients to a sustainable workforce. There is a wholesome welfare plan for employees to ensure both them and their families are well taken care of.

👉 Rewards & benefits

Benefits and rewards are ample for those who perform well. Ealima aims to attract and retain high-caliber employees as well as to motivate and reward high performers and competent staff.

 👉 Current Vacancies
  • Cleaners: 3Nos
  • Female Cleaners: 5 Nos
  • Office Girls: 2 Nos