Why Choose us?

We are the Best Cleaning & hospitality Company in QATAR, has been successful and continues to grow – largely through word of mouth – by being committed to the satisfaction of its completely customer service oriented, passionate to delivering the best quality cleaning and hospitality service in Qatar and are persistent in satisfying our client’s needs to the maximum. We cater our wide array of service to both residential and commercial sectors. Why Choose us?

Training   Training Quality  Quality Control
We control the training and performance of our staff. We accept sub-contract and part time, so all staff members know what to do in every situation. Specialized training programs for site supervisors and employees that includes laborer, hospitality and cleaning, safety, and hazardous communications. We approach quality control with an organized, methodical system in which nothing is left to chance. Every service provided is backed by layers of quality control. Site visit inspections, periodic service schedules, and the use of quality control checks designed specifically for your facility ensure the highest level of cleanliness

Customer Service Managment Equipment And Supplies
By utilizing the latest technology, our customer support staffs are able to meet the needs of our clients quickly and efficiently. Ealima cleaning company use top of the range supplies and equipment to ensure quality in work results and efficiency in time.

Employee   Our Employees Gurantee  Our Guarantee
We are proud to have won the commitment of our employees – a reflection of the pride our employees take in being associated with and representing CLEANING and HOSPITALITY service in Qatar. The unique combination of our employee training, experience, and skills set us apart from our competitors. We offer a service that you can depend on each and every time we clean your home or office space. Incase you aren’t satisfied with any of our cleaning service, ring us back in 24 hours and we guarantee to send our crew to redo whatever in question at no extra charge.