About Us

Ealima cleaning & hospitality services was established with the idea of providing high quality, professional and reliable services Qatar. We strive to offer superior services at the most cost effective prices throughout the region of Qatar.

At Ealima cleaning & hospitality services WLL Company in Doha Qatar, we ensure that all our service are aligned with our Mission, Vision and Values. This way, House Maid, Office Boy/girl , Cleaner male/Female Qatar able to provide you with the service that are beyond your expectations and outstanding every time.

Ealima cleaning has been providing high quality residential cleaning services and we have built a reputation for providing reliable maid services at competitive prices.

our goal is provide a high quality services and products, be customer- driven, make positive differences in people’s lives, be innovative and adapt to change. Our cleaning professionals have participated in extensive training and are fully bonded and insured. They show up on time with the right supplies and get right to work.

Your satisfaction is important to us and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of our home cleaning services Qatar. Read more about us on below.


The Cleaning Company realizes the key to our success and total customer satisfaction is consistency. Providing a consistent service ultimately rests with the men and women who are in your facility each day performing the actual cleaning tasks. We provide our employees with the training, proper equipment and supplies they need to perform their duties in the most proficient manner possible. This also means treating those employees with respect and appreciation. By creating a positive work environment, our employees are naturally more inclined to perform at peak levels.

Our success is not solely defined by a set of numbers each month, but rather by how satisfied both our employees and customers are. We believe there is a direct correlation between the two and as a result, every day decisions are based on achieving high marks in both areas.

Too often, our industry tries to succeed simply by offering the lowest priced service. In turn, those companies must pay minimum wage. Minimum wage delivers minimum results. Here at The Cleaning Company we offer wages and benefits well above industry average, thereby attracting exceptional people who provide exceptional service. Therein lies the key to our success.


The Cleaning Company believes in financially supporting non-profit organizations throughout our local communities as well those who have an international presence. We urge others to get involved in helping those less fortunate that ourselves. The Cleaning Company sets aside money each year to make additional donations to other non-profit groups not on our ongoing recipient list. If you are a non-profit organization seeking a donation, please contact us about our gift giving guidelines and the funds that may be available for your cause.

Not all cleaning companies are alike.

There are plenty of house maid cleaning services available all over Qatar, and we know you have choices when it comes to housekeeping. That is why our teams strive to offer service that is efficient, on-time, thorough, and reliable. We Ealima cleaning & hospitality services Qatar Cleaning Company will provide professional cleaning services in Qatar and House Maid Qatar build long-term relationships with both clients and staff. We take pride in the work we do, and we are dedicated to providing you with the best cleaning service possible.

👉 Quality & Safety

In accordance with standard requirements and the company's commitment to quality, ECHS has developed a safety program to help protect workers from the hazards associated with its operations. A "safety culture" is implemented on work sites, with stringent measures being applied to minimize and prevent the occurrence of accidents. Safety officers are trained to enforce the programs and to follow up on equipment safety maintenance and usage.

👉 Mission, Vision & Values