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Living Wage and Social Equity

Living Wage: Along with the emergence of sustainability and the green cleaning movement, the issue of how janitorial workers are compensated for their work has come to the fore. Labor unions believe that a liability exists for green organizations that neglect to provide appropriate working conditions for their own employees. Among issues that define appropriate working conditions are health benefits, sick time, personal time, extended leave of absence, and living wage.

And Social Equity: Ealima Cleaning Company has been working closely with SEIU Local 615 to ensure that our employees work in an environment where they are both treated fairly and recognized for their hard work.

Background Checks

In the era of heightened security concerns, threats, and surveillance, Ealima Cleaning Company shall exercise every reasonable measure to protect the assets and safety of our customers.

All employees understand that they are screened upon hiring, and that may be subject to additional background checks at any time during their employment with us as required by our customers’ policies.

Background checks include:
  • Credit history
  • Criminal history
  • Employment verification
  • Immigration status
  • School references
  • Verification of prior residences

We are a professional & commercial cleaning company that is dedicated to providing consistent and excellent natural quality with affordable price.

Janitorial Training

All Ealima Cleaning employees are required to complete Janitorial Training:
  • General training
  • Site-specific training
  • Semi-annual refresher training
Ealima Cleaning General Training is conducted upon hiring and takes place either at our offices or at a separate location. It comprises following training modules:
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Material Safety Data Sheet Interpretation
  • Personal Protective Equipment Use
  • Proper Lifting and Ergonomic Precautions
  • Work Safety
  • Proper Handling of Chemicals
  • Proper Use and Maintenance of Equipment
  • Proper Cleaning Procedures (includes proper sequencing of cleaning tasks)